Older Cars

Many parts, especially trim parts, may be obsolete for vehicles older than 10 years.  Please send the part numbers to verify availability before ordering. Send your  VIN to verify fitment.  We cannot verify fitment of parts for non-Mitsubishi branded vehicles (Chrysler, Dodge, Eagle) by the VIN. We usually can verify the parts with a full description of the vehicle (Year, Model, Engine size, transmission type, AWD/FWD, etc.)

Some parts may not be obsolete, but may only be available through a special order out of Japan. Orders from Japan may take 20 to 60 days to receive. We will notify you if this is the case and ask if it is okay for you to wait. Parts special ordered out of Japan are not returnable.

Some obsolete parts may be available through a third party. The price of the part will be the same, however, shipping from the third party warehouse to us is not included in the price. Parts obtained from this source are not returnable. We will advise you before ordering if this is the case. 

If a part is ordered and it is obsolete, we will send a message to you and cancel the part or order.